Technology Start-ups & Scale-ups

Abaxum collaborates with technology start-up and scale-up* companies assisting them with corporate advisory, management development as well as market development.
(*scale-up = start-up company scaling their market development and market access)

Qarnot Computing (, created in 2010 and located in Montrouge south of Paris, provides cloud computing (HPC) that heats buildings for free.

Their cloud computing platform (Q.ware) provides High Performance Computing (HPC) resources via their distributed computing grid, consisting of Digital Heaters (Q.rad). The Q.rad has microprocessors as heat-source. When for example a bank runs computing simulations via the Q.ware platform, the computing jobs are distributed to the network of Q.rad where heating is needed. This is green computing using its waste energy to heat buildings!

Abaxum assists Qarnot to develop their presence and business in the Nordic region (Sweden, Denmark…). In Q2+Q3 2016 Abaxum represented Qarnot as finalist in the accelerator program « NextStepChallenge » (energy & digitalisation) in Esbjerg in west Denmark.

Origone (, funded in 2014 and based in Didcot, West London in the UK, offers a cyber-security platform, ORISECURE, which aggregates several high technology IT security solutions. ORISECURE includes a unique API / automated Darknet investigation platform that permits to integrate with corporation’s security system or offer its capability to different national law-enforcement organisations. ORISECURE also includes a solution based on CDR technology (Content Disarm and Reconstruction), which would have obstructed the famous encryption threat « WANNACRY ». Origone is also supported by the EIT DIGITAL through its start-up accelerator program.

Abaxum assists Origone to reorganise the company’s activities, with emphasis on targeted business prospsection to accelerate its revenue flow to pass through a critical period of the company’s development.

Purpose Engineering ( helps value-driven companies and organisations in a start-up phase to build processes and management tools for a sustainable scale-up and growth. The thinking is based on industrial, established models for business process engineering but with the focus switched from products and services to the organisation’s values and people.

Purpose Engineering is founded and run by Claes Nordén, an engineer by education who switched to social enterprising after 25 years in the telecom industry and in the PR / communications business.

Abaxum’s Associate Director Jahrl Stefan Norberg is a non-executive board member at Purpose Engineering.


CVTRUST (, funded in 2011 and based in Brussels, in Belgium, offers a trusted solution for issuing certified credentials online. More than 200 different education institutions (Masters, professional education programs) use CVTRUST to both simplify the issuing process and to provide graduates with online smart certificates instead of paper diplomas. CVTRUST’s platform will be enhanced for other industry sectors to transform the issuing and the use of certificates.

Abaxum assists CVTRUST to enter the Nordic market, with a focus on the education sector to start with.


M3E (Mobile 3E Consulting,, funded by Hartmut Frankowski and based in Paris in France. M3E developes a Windows Surface-based solution, « SalesMods », to optimise and gain in productivity at client and prospect interactions for sales teams.

Abaxum collaborates with M3E to market « SalesMods » to the IT VAR (value added distributor) segment and to industrial equipement suppliers.


QWID (, started in 2013 and is located in Paris in France, provides a software platform that links connected objects via API requests.

Abaxum’s Associate Director Jahrl Stefan Norberg is a co-founder of QWID and currently its CEO. QWID puts all efforts on establishing a stable API that is based on the already build pilot platform (two demonstration cases). The next phase will be to start pilot projects with external partners.